Bartow: Vivian’s Cafe


My wife and I went to Bartow recently for SYFY Bartow, a fun annual event for science-fiction/fantasy fans.  A lot of professional-looking costumes, classic cars (including a replica of the 1966 Batmobile), and a relaxed atmosphere.  It seemed like a good opportunity for lunch at Vivian’s Cafe on Main Street in Bartow.  We had noticed Vivian’s on a previous visit to Bartow and looked forward to trying their food.

Vivian's Cafe exterior, Bartow, FloridaVivian's Cafe interior, Bartow, FloridaWe were warmly welcomed at the door and made to feel at home right away.  The decor is simple but comfortable.  We seemed to be the first customers of the day and were waited on right away.

Club sandwich on croissantI ordered a BLT sandwich on croissant, but I can’t eat lettuce and specified that be left off my sandwich.  My wife ordered a club sandwich on croissant – it is usually served on regular bread because it’s a double-decker sandwich, but my wife was happy to have a single-layer sandwich so the staff happily made the switch to croissant.  A fountain soft drink and iced tea to drink.

Our food came out promptly and was prepared exactly as we requested.  Very delicious.  One Bacon and tomato on croissantsmall complaint – the menu promised potato chips with our sandwiches.  We assume it was just an oversight, we’re sure we would have gotten the chips if we had asked.  It didn’t matter to us, the sandwiches were excellent.  The bacon was crisp and not overcooked.  Just the right amount of mayo.  Well done.

We followed up lunch with dessert, two guava pastries, one plain guava and the other guava and cream cheese.  With the pastries, our total, including tip, came to just over $28.  We were Guava pastriesvery happy, friendly service and tasty food in a perfect location where we could watch Stormtroopers and Ghostbusters walking by on the sidewalk outside.  We would definitely return to Vivian’s.

If we’ve inspired you to try Vivian’s Cafe or if you’ve been there yourself and want to share your experience, please comment below.  And if you have Polk County restaurant tips, we’d love to hear them via the Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting and happy eating!

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